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Learn about how Sculptra® helps stimulate collagen

by Leslie Nutkis

Oct. 24, 2023, 2:22 p.m.

If you’re worried about aging skin and elasticity, you should be thinking about collagen. For a treatment that utilizes and builds collagen, I’ve discovered some amazing facts about Sculptra®. It builds and sculpts your face non-surgically, and though results aren’t immediate, it achieves natural looking results.

Collagen stimulation can occur in response to injury when the tissue breaks down and repairs itself, which we see after laser, chemical peels or microneedling or in response to a biostimulatory product like Sculptra® which triggers a controlled inflammatory response that stimulates cells to begin producing collagen again  - it’s kind of like a work out for your face.  Sculptra itself has no volume because it takes up no space, but it is gradually absorbed and causes collagen production for volume restoration.  

If you want to get some natural looking rejuvenation, call us and ask for Sculptra® by name, you’ll be thrilled with the natural results.