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  • Time to stop hiding my legs!

Time to stop hiding my legs!

by Leslie Nutkis

Aug. 22, 2023, 11:22 a.m.

Yesterday, I had a chance to try a new laser technique to help with a problem on my legs. Spider veins. After pregnancy, I started developing little red lines near my knees and they’ve gotten worse over the years.

Since I rarely take time for myself for treatments, I hide my legs every summer. As it turns out, there was a simple, easy and painless solution to these pesky lines.

After putting on protective glasses, I was ready. Dr. C carefully measured the veins and evaluated 3 different areas for treatment. I watched as he chose the correct machine settings and began zapping the areas with a pulse of light.

The pain was minimal, and some of the veins disappeared immediately. The only after effects were small red bumps that are almost gone 24 hrs later. I stayed off my feet with no exercise, as was recommended.

As a new employee at NCPS, I’m still learning about all the different non-invasive treatments. Part of our training allows us to trial the latest machines. (What a great perk!) My veins were zapped by the newest laser on the market - the GentleMax Proplus. Veins are just one of the amazing treatments this machine can perform. It also works on hair removal, rosacea, and fine lines.

One day later, I’m happy with the results so far and excited to finish the process for complete removal after a total of 2-3 sessions. Our office has the gold standard for cosmetic treatments and I feel lucky to take a turn being a patient.