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  • "C-Tucks" why they are not the answer

"C-Tucks" why they are not the answer

by Aaron Capuano, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Aug. 26, 2016, 5:30 p.m.

So, you are having a baby and a cesearean section commonly known as a c-section is the way you have decided to go (albeit it a clinical decision or personal choice).  I will share with you a bit of advice.  Do not choose to get a tummy tuck, often reffered to as a c-tuck while you are delivering.  It may seem like a really wonderful idea and save you some time but for the following reasons you should not choose to do that. 

When we consult patients for a tummy tuck, we want optimal results, optimal results come with your being an optimal body weight and in optimal health for proper recovery.  Lets face it, when we are ready to give birth, our bodies are as far as what most of us are concerned, "optimal" which is why the c-tuck seems like a wonderful short cut and a well since you are in there, kind of thing.  Unfortunately, you would be sacrificing an optimal outcome.  Our bodies slowly "bounce back" after the delivery process is over and we tend to shed the excess "baby weight", water weight, swelling and our body slowly recovers from the birthing process, which makes us healthier overall. 

Now here is the best part, though we feel you should not be getting a c-tuck (c-section delivery combined with a tummy tuck), we do still feel that it should be considered your birthright (pun intended) to having a plastic surgeon close your c-section and I would recommend this only if it is your last child, if you have the risk of keloids or if your fear of a terrible scar is causing you angst.  Dr. Capuano does this on a regular basis for our pregnant clients and this way you can make sure you are closed properly and depending upon your individual health care plan, the surgeons fee should be covered, while the anesthesia and operating room cost is covered.  Call our office for more information and to speak with our patient care coordinator for more information.