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  • The coolest way to remove hair is here!

The coolest way to remove hair is here!

by Leslie Nutkis

Sept. 15, 2023, 12:35 p.m.

Since starting at NCPS, I’ve gotten excited about having flawless skin—something I barely gave a second thought to before. And the newest machine in the office is a game changer. It’s the latest and greatest in laser hair removal with added wavelengths so hair removal is quicker and easier than ever before. Also, the Cryogen cooling system works automatically with the laser and makes treatment very comfortable. We’ve tried it and we are in love with the level of comfort it provides and how well it works.

The GentleMax Pro Plus turns the previously painful procedure of hair removal into a comfortable and virtually painless procedure. To give everyone a chance to experience this treatment, we are offering a complimentary hair removal on a small area starting 9/15/23-10/15/23. Experience how The Gentlemax Pro Plus will make razors or waxing a thing of the past for you.