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Diastasis Recti

by Aaron Capuano, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Feb. 28, 2018, 10:27 a.m.

Diastasis recti is a diagnosis that is commonly received by women from their OBGYN's post pregnancy when they are in the doctors office asking questions as to why they can't get a flat tummy post pregnancy despite their best efforts.  The OB then tells the woman that they "have a condition that is known as diastasis recti"  the woman then expects that since this is a condition and that the doctor told her it is a post pregnancy thing, that it would be covered by insurance. 

Sadly this is not the case.  This is a condition that is extremely common, because our muscles are stretched so badly during pregnancy that it is difficult for them to ever go back to being what they were prior to pregnancy without some helpful hands, markedly Dr. Capuano, who plicates the muscles of the abdomen as part of his tummy tuck procedure.  In some instances, women end up having a hernia that causes a defect that is large enough to warrant reconstructive surgery of the abominal wall but the condition and symptoms are usually far worse .  This is very rare and is most commonly not the case when a woman presents to our office with "diastasis recti". Tummy tucks are an eventful surgery and have results that are the give and gift to get when considering going under the knife.  Call 201-820-5280 and book your consultation with Dr. Capuano for your Diastasis Recti condition.