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Mommy Mayhem

by Aaron Capuano, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Jan. 9, 2018, 11:43 a.m.

As mom's we often find ourselves constantly seeking to satisfy the needs and wants of others.  As a fellow mom, I value what you do on an every day basis, and why you do it.  I also understand this leaves little time for you to focus on yourself. I hear many mother's voicing their concerns over their post pregnancy bodies not returning back to what they once were.  Despite hard core workouts at the gym helping little and ineffective dieting trends causing one to feel down and left with few better options.  Diet and exercise are always the primary method one should consider when they aren't happy with their current body habitus.  It is when diet and exercise alone cannot get you back to where you feel you are most happy, alternatives like surgical mommy makeovers are available and can fit into even the busiest moms work/school/childcare lifestyle. 

Being said, it is important that your surgeon and their team know as much information as possible about your life. Dr. Capuano and his team at the Northern Center for Plastic Surgery make it their mission to initially find out how and when a mommy makeover could work for even the busiest moms.  We hear and see the common complaints of mom's who are in this position on a daily basis and give them the tools so that their desires can be accommodated according to their lives and what is best for them in all aspects.  Some surgeons are very quick to book patients in the operating room without fully understanding how the patients lifestyle outside of surgery will be affected.  Dr. Capuano firmly believes that "elective surgery should fit well in a patient's lifestyle so that they can embrace the changes, heal quickly and properly and move forward with their lives".   With that principal it is easy to understand why patients suggest that Dr. Capuano truly does treat every patient like they are part of his family. To find out more about mommy makeovers and how they can fit into your busy schedule, call our office to book a consultation to meet with Dr. Capuano and his staff.  201-820-5280