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  • Urgent Warning regarding Brazilian Butt Lifts BBL

Urgent Warning regarding Brazilian Butt Lifts BBL

by Aaron Capuano, M.D., F.A.C.S.

July 23, 2018, 1:15 p.m.

An urgent advisory has been issued to Board Certified Surgeons practices who perform Brazilian Butt lifts, BBL's.  It comes as no surprise given the stories that have emerged, that the current statistic for death to the patient when having undergone gluteal fat injections, also known as butt injections or Brazilian Butt lifts could have a death rate as high as 1 in 3000.  The death toll continues to rise and it is alarming, please refer to the attachment which is the bulletin released by the gluteal fat transfer task force. 

People have the desire for instant gratification with cosmetic surgery, especially with Brazilian Butt Lifts.  It is not uncommon for a prospective patient to expect that a Brazilian Butt lift should be done in one stage.  However, it is obvious that they should be staged to greatly reduce the risk of fat entering into the muscular plane during the transfer phase of the surgery. 

The first rule of being a competent surgeon is the oath that is taken and pledges to "Do no harm".  This is of the utmost importance as people come to us to fullfill a desire to be happier with themselves.

As a patient who understands and cares for themselves, one should respect their surgeon's opinion if he/she is being cautious by staging any procedure for your benefit.  It may be a less desirable approach and more expensive but ultimately it is not worth the risk.  Please heed this warning and go to a board certified plastic surgeon who considers these obstacles.  Please do not seek out a surgeon who says they will do large volumes at once, as the benefit is not worth the risk.

URGENT WARNING! Please Click Here for full warning.