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Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Brides, Grooms and Bridal Parties to be, host your bridal party at our office and help get them ready for your big day.  Nothing says I love you like a private consultation with Dr. Capuano for proper skin health and care(included with private party attendance).  Botox and fillers can also be part of the party as can massages and facials.  Catering, professional photography and makeup applications available on site and would be coordinated with your event as well as numerous giveaways and specials incentives for large parties. Gone are the days of shipping your friends off to remote locations, make it about you and them, it is a win win. Speak with Lyndsley to consult about the possiblities of an in office Bachelor or Bachelorette party. It's more then a maybe, it's a must.

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