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Breast Reconstruction following Lumpectomy

Breast Reconstruction following Lumpectomy

Over 70% of Breast Cancers can be treated with breast conservation therapy which includes lumpectomy with radiation. Although this approach preserves breast tissue, the defects can be deforming especially after radiation. Oncoplastic breast surgery uses cosmetic based techniques to reconfigure the breasts into an ideal shape and position to preserve a more natural looking breast. These procedures can include breast reduction, lifting and/or tightening procedures which can allow for resection of the cancer and reshaping of the breast in the same procedure. 

The procedure is often done at the same time as a symmetry procedure is performed to the other breast such as a breast reduction or lift.  

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How Do I Know I Am A Candidate For This Procedure?

Candidates have breast cancer that is treatable by lumpectomy with or without radiation. A thorough consultation with Dr. Capuano is necessary prior to surgery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a treatment that is covered by insurance?

Typically yes, there is a federal law which protects women and requires insurance carriers to pay for breast reconstruction following cancer surgery.