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Component Separation Surgery

Component Separation Surgery

Component separation surgery is commonly performed with two surgeons, the general surgeon to repair the hernia's and Dr. Capuano who advances the abdominal wall from both the left and right sides of the abdomen to the patients mid-line, stretching them over the repaired hernia's for greater strength and less recurrence of the hernias with the abdominal wall adding coverage and integrity to the affected areas.  Doctor Capuano performs the advancement of these muscles as well as minding the aesthetic outcome for the patients.

The general surgeon works to repair the hernia by freeing the bowel either laparoscopically or with an open approach from the hernia sac, the doctors then concurrently place the mesh and then Dr. Capuano advances the muscles, if possible, to the mid-line to close the defect and re-establish abdominal wall competence.

Other common terms used to describe this surgery or diagnosis are the following:  Myocutaneous Flap, Separation of parts, Myofascial Advancement Flap, Fasciocutaneous flap, Myofascial flap, sliding advancement flap, Adbominal wall advancement flap and component separation.  

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Is Component Separation Surgery Right For Me?

This procedure may be right for you if you have had abdominal surgery and you have a large hernia, recurrent or multiple hernias.  A consultation with Dr. Capuano will answer any questions you may have concerning Component separation.  Please call 201-820-5280 to schedule an appointment.

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