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Lase MD

A gentle skin rejuvenation and an effective laser treatment that is used for all skin types for the treatment of Melasma, Actinic, Keratosis, Lentigos and Freckles. 

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Is Lase Md The Right Procedure For Me?

If you are unhappy with your Melasma, Actinic Keratosis, Lentigos and/or Freckles Lase MD may be the right procedure for you.  A proper consultation with Dr. Capuano is the first step to finding out whether Lase MD is the best procedure to treat your concerns.  

Ask the Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment for this procedure?

To make an appointment for a Lase MD treatment, simply call our office at 201-820-5280 and one of our coordinators will arrange an appointment that works for you.

What is the Lase MD Glow?

Lase MD GLO is a Laser procedure that offers a gentle rejuvenation to the skin, leaving your skin soft, bright and glowing, best part is that there is little to no downtime, depending upon the intensity of the treatment you ask for with results.  Ask for it by name when you call to schedule your appointment, LaseMD GLO.

How long does this procedure take?

This procedure takes about fifteen minutes to perform and depending on the level of intensity that is decided between you and our Aesthetician, we may apply numbing cream to the full treatment area so that you can be comfortable and get more benefit from your treatment.  We also like to apply an optional face mask and ampoule to this procedure as well, these are add-ons to this procedure. 

How often can I get the Lase Md Procedure performed?

Depending on the level of intensity, Lase Md laser procedures can be performed anywhere between 4-6 weeks.  

I am African American, is this laser safe for me?

Yes, the Lase Md has been referred to as one of the very few lasers that are considered "color blind".  However, this is not to say you cannot have an adverse reaction and you should only have this done by our doctor or his very accomplished lead Aesthetician.  It should also only be used in safe parameters for your fitxpatrick skin type, there are different settings for each skin type. 

Does the Lase Md procedure hurt?

Every person has a different tolerance to pain. This laser has many settings which range from easy to difficult, that is the measure for pain during your treatment.  If you are concerned about pain during this treatment or others ask us and we would be happy to test an area on your hand or forearm to quell your fears.  

What can I expect for recovery after the procedure?

Recovery depends on the intensity of the treatment you received. An "Easy" treatment will leave you with a healthy glow and in a day or two may offer your skin a light peel revealing yet another healthy glow.  The surface of your skin will feel a little "gritty" but it will look great!  A more intense or "difficult" Lase Md session will cause your skin to be red and stay red for up to a week.  The surface of your skin will be "gritty" feeling and the peel portion of this happens much slower then an "Easy" setting for the Lase Md.