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About Our Office

Englewood Cliffs is our home office in Bergen County, NJ.  It houses our lasers and all advanced technology that we offer to our patients.  This Bergen County NJ office has expanded in recent years accommodate the growing needs of our patient population.  Encompassing, an additional space for pre and post-treatment services and a private exit for your added anonymity. We offer a full array of Medical Spa services including Aestheticians, Massage Therapists and a Certified Electrologist. 

Dr. Aaron Capuano is a double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, based in Bergen County NJ, who specializes in specific cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body.

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Aaron Capuano

Dr. Aaron Capuano is a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who specializes in specific cosmetic surgeries of the face, breast & body.  His experience in cosmetic & reconstructive procedures, continuing education with current techniques, and solid reputation in the community means that you can rest easy, knowing you are in excellent hands. Dr. Capuano is the President Elect for the NJ Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

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Kelly is our Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) at the practice.  Kelly works along side Dr. Capuano in the practice with his pre and post surgical patients. Kelly is also a highly trained and skilled injector and handles an array of minimally and non-invasive procedures within the office.  In addition to having been trained extensively by Doctor Capuano, Kelly has a solid history with injectables and laser devices prior to joining our team.

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Hannah is the Physician Assistant (PA) in our practice. Hannah works along side Dr. Capuano in the Operating Room. Hannah has extensive Operating Room experience and is also learning the skill of injectables in our office and under the guidance of Dr. Capuano. 

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Caitlin is our operations manager and the friendly voice you hear when calling our office.  She will handle all of your scheduling needs, in addition to answering any questions you may have regarding your upcoming visit or post -operative concerns.  Caitlin is a ZO skin care product expert and who we consider the ultimate "hand holder" for everything Z.O. skin health related, if you have any questions related to Z.O. skin health or its products she is your go to girl for the answer. Also, feel free to discuss with Cailtin anything having to do with scheduling a consult or planning/downtimes related to laser procedures, injectable procedures and surgeries. 

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Patient Care Coordinator

Our Patient Care Coordinator, works closely with the doctor, to help maximize your surgical experience as your dedicated patient care coordinator.  She is here to hold your hand before and after surgery as you progress through your transformation. She is available to answer many of your cosmetic and reconstructive surgical questions. If reconstruction is part of your surgical journey, she will help start the process of having your reconstructive procedure approved for surgery thru your commerical insurance carrier.

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Carissa is our Lead Aesthetician.  Carissa will see to it that your skin is in beautiful condition offering a variety of facial therapies and leading non-invasive skin care treatments. Carissa works closely with Dr. Capuano to help ensure that your skin care needs are met.

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Sabine is our office's Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).  She works closely with Dr. Capuano to ensure that the proper pre and post surgical Manual Lymph drainage techniques are tailored to each cosmetic and/or reconstructive surgery performed by Dr. Capuano. She will see to it that each treatment received are both appropriate and efficacious to meet each of our patients individual needs.  

Sabine specializes in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and also a variety of wellness massages including Pre & Post Surgical Manual Lymph Drainage. Sabine also provides a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue massages, stress relief massages, sports relief and both pre & post natal massage therapy. 


Madeline works in billing and is here to make sure your reconstructive goals are achieved.  She works with your insurance carrier to ensure they are adequately uphold their contractual obligation to cover your medically necessary surgery when deemed appropriate by the doctor.  Madeline will help you navigate the complex process of medical biling and will help bring centainty and transparency. 

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Dave is our office Billing Manager.  He works very hard to see to it that your claims are paid by your insurance company.  He works with you to make sure your insurance company pays every dollar they are responsible for.  You may contact him at any time with billing related questions at 201-408-2175.

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Lyndsley is the Director of the Practice. Working closely with the doctor, she will help maximize your surgical experience as your dedicated patient care coordinator.  She is here to hold your hand before and after surgery as you progress through your transformation.  Lyndsley is available to answer any of your cosmetic and reconstructive surgical questions. 

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Northern Center for Plastic Surgery

Our Crew from left to right

Dave, Caitlin, Carissa, Lexi, Sabine, Dr. Capuano, Lyndsley,

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