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Aquagold Microneedling Facial

The Aquagold facial cocktail uses a proprietary blend of filler, botox and skin brightening boosters to give your skin a healthy glow, help fade fine lines and minimize the appearance of scars and large pores.  The delivery system that is used, is referred to as Aquagold, this tool carries the products thru 20 sterile gold plated microchannels, which help reduce irritation and inflammation. 

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How Often Should I Get An Aquagold Treatment?

To enjoy continued results, it is recommended to get an aquagold treatment, every 3-4 months.  Though each treatment can last up to six months it is important to establish a baseline that you are most happy with and repeated treatments will only lead to added benefit and results. 

Ask the Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this treatment performed?

After a thorough cleansing of your skin one of our aestheticians will apply the treatment to your skin, it is done over the entirety of your face and also below the jawline, the process is a quick stamp into the skin and moves very quickly.  The treatment is almost painless, the effects can take up to two weeks for full benefit and can be enjoyed for up to six months. 

What is an aquagold facial?

An aquagold facial uses a proprietary mechanism that allows fluid from its canister to pass thru at the point of penetration into the skin.  The aquagold is a set of gold tipped microneedling device which is attached to a small jar which contains a priopretary blend of vitamin c, glutathione, botox and other skin brigthening compounds. 

Why is this called a filter facial?

The aquagold treatment is also called the filter facial at the Northern Center for Plastic Surgery. This is simply because it gives your skin a beautiful glow and blurs blemishes. Ask for it by either name when booking your appointment.

What is the downtime for the aquagold filter facial?

There is no associated down time for the aquagold filter facial. Directly after your treatment you will appear redness which will last until the next day. After that your skin will heal and the glowing effects of the filter facial are almost immediate, the botox effect can take up to 3-4 days to show signs that your pores appear smaller. 

Why is Botox used in the aquagold treatment?

Botox is used as a part of the aquagold treatment because of the effects it causes when applied into the surface of the skin. It has a tightening effect to our pores and very superficial lines. It helps give the blur to the skin that makes it appear almost as if it is "filtered".