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Chemical Peels

Revitalize your skin with a chemical peel to bring back a healthy glow, minimize hyper-pigmented areas, improve texture and reduce wrinkling using increasing strengths of lactic acid, salicylic acid or TCA.   

A chemical peel is one of the least invasive ways to improve your skins appearance.  Peels are chemical solutions that are skillfully applied to your skin to improve its texture and color, and reduce wrinkling by removing the damaged outer layers, encouraging cell renewal and revealing fresher, younger looking skin.  The Northern Center for Plastic Surgery offers a carefully selected line of chemical Peels, designed to improve the health and barrier function of your skin as well at promote skin cell turnover and production of collagen and elastin.  All chemical peels involve pretreatment with retinol based skin care systems.  This will prepare your skin for the peel and speed the healing process.

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Why Should I Consider A Chemical Peel?

Smooth, firm, even colored skin with a clear complexion is a reflection of health and physical attractiveness.   As we age, maintaining a firm youthful glow becomes more difficult despite a healthy diet and lifestyle because they alone cannot reverse the aging process or reverse damage from environmental toxins including the sun.  It is currently estimated that 85% of all facial aging can be attributed to sun exposure.   As the most exposed part of the body, the face and hands are the most vulnerable to damage from the sun causing loss of collagen, elastin and inflammation that cause your face to age.  The first line of defense against the aging process is to improve the health of your skin, and promote skin cell turnover and production of collagen and elastin.

Ask the Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Chemical Peels Do You Offer?

There are three types of chemical peels:

  • Light chemical peel - A light chemical peel might be the right choice if you have uneven pigment, dryness, acne or fine wrinkling.  This kind of peel removes just the outer layer of skin (epidermis) in a light exfoliation and results in a healthier glow.  For this type of peel we utilize the Zimmer Chiller to minimize discomfort.

  • Medium chemical peel - Acne scars, deeper wrinkles and uneven skin color can all be treated with a medium chemical peel.  Your skin will be noticeably smoother and fresher looking.   For this type of peel we utilize the Zimmer Chiller to minimize discomfort.

  • Deep chemical peel - If you have deeper facial wrinkles, skin that’s damaged by the sun, scars, areas that appear blotchy, or even pre-cancerous growths, deep facial chemical peels might be the right choice for you.  For this type of peel, we treat you with either IV sedation or a local anesthetic and an oral sedative to manage any discomfort.  Results are dramatic, but recovery takes the longest.

How do I make an appointment for a skin care consultation?

Contact the office of the Northern Center for Plastic Surgery at (201)820-5280 to schedule an appointment.

Can a chemical peel correct my acne scarring?

Great question.  Typically we find that chemical peels can help correct acne scarring when repeated often and at deeper depths in the skin.  The Northern Center for Plastic Surgery offers a variety of Chemical peels at varying depths that can help improve the appearance of acne scarring.  Using our full gamut of options Dr. Capuano will come up with the best alternative if acne scarring is a goal you have in mind.  In addition to chemical peels he may suggest using ablative laser procedures to get to the depth of your acne scarring and offer to plane or fill certain areas of scarring or possibly even microneedling with Radio Frequency. Call our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Capuano regarding acne scarring today.  Call 201-820-5280