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Aereola Reduction

Aereola Reduction

Reducing the size and or shape of a nipple (aereola) based on the patients anatomical desire or perceived need, this is a surgical procedure that is typically performed under anesthesia.

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Is A Nipple Reduction Right For Me?

If you are unhappy with the shape and or size of your nipples, you may be a good candidate for an aereola reduction.  A thorough consultation with Dr. Capuano is important to decide whether this procedure is right for you.

Ask the Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get an aereolar reduction? I am concerned about the size of my nipples but also worried about scarring. I have sent a picture for you to reference.

Thank you for your question.  Although I do not feel that your areola are abnormally large, if your idea of beauty is to have smaller areola, a circumferential reduction can accomplish this for you.  Please be aware that you will be trading improvement in areola size for a scar surrounding them.  Typically the scar heals well and is minimally visible, but there is a risk of poor scarring and changes in sensation or function of the nipples.  If having smaller areola are worth the added risk, than this might be the right procedure for you.  A thorough discussion regarding these specific issues with Dr. Capuano is crucial to making the right decision.  I hope this helps.

How long is the recovery for nipple reduction surgery?

The recovery for nipple reduction surgery 3-4 days with 6 weeks out of sports.

Several things to note regarding nipple reductions. 

One, they are typically performed when one is undergoing a breast procedure of some sort.

Two, a nipple reduction will not change the placement of your nipples, simply the size and shape.

Three, without having another procedure performed at the same time, the nipple may eventually appear oblong as the tension put on an "a la carte" nipple reduction, meaning exclusive of other breast surgery can slightly tug on the shape as a permanent suture needs to be placed as part of this stand alone procedure. 

A consultation with Dr. Capuano will help you decide whether or not you are a godd candidate for this surgery.  Simply call our office at your convenience to schedule a consultation with Dr. Capuano for nipple surgery.  201-820-5280