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Hydrafacial is a unique treatment where the skin is simultaneously being cleaned and hydrated while extracting blackheads and other debris from the skin. This is a treatment that is done in the office by an aesthetician.  It is also a wonderful treatment to receive just before going out, this is the treatment that would get you red carpet ready.

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How Long Does The Hydrafacial Treatment Take?

The Hydrafacial treatment takes roughly one hour.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this procedure painful?

Though every person's pain tolerance is different, the vast majority of people experience no pain, therefore,  this procedure is NOT considered painful.

How often can I receive a Hydrafacial treatment?

Initially it is good to start off with three Hydrafacial at one week intervals. And then a monthly regimen can be discussed if interested.  Every patient has different needs but this is the general rule to begin receiving treatments.

What is the difference between a signature hydrafacial, hyrdafacial and a deluxe hydrafacial?

The signature hydrafacial is essentially just the treatment with no added time for luxuries, this is great for those of us who are in a hurry!  This item is not listed as part of our portfolio as we like to cater to our patients more by offering more time for extractions and pampering however if you are itnerested in having that 20 minute procedure feel free to ask for it by name.  

A regular Hydrafacial at Skye med spa is an upgrade of the signature hydrafacial as previously stated, including extractions, facial massage and additional pampering.  

The deluxe hydrafacial, includes everthing previously mentioned as well as massaging of the face, neck and shoulders and a Z.O. booster for added hydrafacial results.  

At what age can someone have hydrafacials?

Thank you for the question.  Hydrafacials are relatively benign as far as using chemicals are concerned.  When conducting a hydrafacial on a younger person who is experiencing puberty issues with their skin, very little to no chemically based products are used. Hydrafacials can be conducted on any age as long as they can tolerate sitting still for a while, this age is usually at or around ten-twelve years of age and older.