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Eye Tight

Eye Tight

Eye tight was designed by Dr. Capuano with the patient that is "not ready for surgery" in mind.  Using multiple non invasive modalities, he is able to help ward off the signs of under eye aging by using this method.  This procedure requires about 5 days of downtime and has minimal discomfort, redness, swelling and peeling are the culprits for downtime with this procedure.  *The laser portion of the procedure can require up to three treatments for results to be approriate and lasting.  

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Is The Eye Tight Procedure Right For Me?

If you have bags under your eyes and discoloration and feel like you always look like you are tired, this procedure may be the answer.  A consultation with Dr. Capuano is the best way to find out whether the Eye tight procedure will work for you. Feel free to call our office for a consultation, 201-820-5280.

Ask the Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Eye Tight procedure?

The Eye Tight procedure costs $750 per laser treatment, this does not include the cost of fillers that are commonly part of this treatment. 

I have dark circles under my eyes and under eye bags, can this help?

The combination of procedures with Eye Tight are designed to help diminish under eye discoloration as well as under eye bags, it will also help tighten loose skin below your eyes.