Hyperpigmentation (Uneven Pigmentation)

The Hydroquinone approach

Treatment of moderate to severe hyperpigmentation like melasma, as well as severely dry, dull, rough, and leathery textured skin, to soften, smooth, provide a healthy glow and even color distribution.   It is also utilized to improve the overall quality, health and appearance of the skin.

This system is also used for 6 weeks before office procedures (Chemical peels) and for 12 weeks afterward for improved outcomes. 


Non-Hydroquinone Hyperpigmentation System

Ideal for treatment of hyperpigmentation when hydroquinone treatment is completed or contraindicated.  It is also used as a maintenance system following completion of a 5 month regimen with the hydroquinone system.  

Used when skin bleaching is not desired, and when even color tone is the main objective.   The system also results in anti-aging benefits, and improvements in texture.  


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Am I A Good Candidate For Treatment Of Hyperpigmentation?

You may be a good candidate for hyperpigmentation therapy if you are looking to restore a natural even-blended skin tone, stimulate collagen and elastin production for a firm, smooth appearance, correct sun damage and improve mild textural problems.  

Ask the Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are right for me?

Schedule a consult with one of our skin care system experts Lyndsley or Caitlin or with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Aaron Capuano, (for an additional fee). They will perform a comprehensive skin care assessment and make recommendations to best meet your needs.  

Dr. Capuano is a skin care expert and one of Dr. Zein Obagi’s 28 clinical faculty members worldwide and he would be happy to discuss your options for skin care with you.

How do I make an appointment for a skin care consultation?

Contact the office of the Northern Center for Plastic Surgery at (201)820-5280 to schedule an appointment.

What if I am interested in surgical treatment?

You may schedule an appointment with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aaron  Capuano, who will address your surgical needs.